We are planting trees through our Team building events

Recently Balkan Prime Tours started with the realization of team-building events in Macedonia and proved to be an excellent and successful organizer. What makes our team-building events different from the rest is that we include as many local heroes as possible in our programs who are eager to tell their story, as well as the fact that at each team-building we plant new trees at each location where the event is held. So far we have planted 5205 trees and for the month of November we plan to plant another 4850 new trees.


We are guided by the motto: "Never let the memories and the experiences pass you by" a motto that helped us organize team building events for more than 1000 employees in just two months.

The event we are especially proud of is the team building we organized last week for Sparkasse Erste Bank, which was organized not in one but in five destinations in Macedonia, an event where the employees had the chance to get to know some new destinations in Macedonia and fall in love with the active tourism.


The employees enjoyed the educational mountaineering tours on Pelister, visited a woodcarving workshop in Kavadarci, learned more about the horseback riding and the horse therapy in Rankovce, discovered the hidden beauties of Mavrovo, and for last tasted the traditional Macedonian food in Ponikva, in the Tikvesh region and in Bitola, where also they had the honor to meet our heroine, the Macedonian Anna Roche and tried her specialties, having a feast for the senses.


Events like these only make us stronger and prove us what we already know which is not giving up; Balkan Prime Tours survived the most difficult days of the pandemic when the tourism was put on hold, that made us stronger and with a greater desire and eager to continue and to succeed.

We are also very happy to have met many new local heroes who are important for the development of the tourism, and we are also very proud to have found a way to stimulate and help all these local heroes that make a living from tourism.


Our team of young and ambitious people will face a great challenge during this period, taking into consideration the fact that we have confirmed many new companies to which we will organize team building events and plant many new trees. As a token of gratitude, at the end of every team building event the team that participated gets a biodegradable Certificate of Appreciation made from recycled material. The Certificate contains seeds, which means that it itself can be planted and a beautiful plant “Prkos” will sprout and will adorn their office reminding them of the good deed they made in just one day.


Your company may be among the many other eco-responsible companies, so here is the question: Have you ever considered traveling to Macedonia for an exciting and irreplaceable team-building event?

We want to give you as much information as possible that will help you make your final decision on whether Macedonia should be your destination where you could enjoy with your colleagues or your closest friends. 

PS: Balkan Prime Tours shines even in the dark ;)